Richard Karn is known to many bears -- at least within reach of the TV show "Home Improvement" -- as sidekick Al Borland. Frankly, I don't watch the show all that often, primarily because despite the fact that Richard Karn is a very handsome bruin, I find Tim Allen to be incredibly and astonishingly abrasive... and I'm not sure why. Normally when I dislike someone, there's a pretty clear reason why, but in Tim Allen's case, he just grates on me.

Hm. Maybe if Richard were to go shirtless on the show, I might tune in on a regular basis...!

The three framegrabs you see here are from an episode I was tipped off by friends that I should catch; unfortunately, I've lost track of the other actor's name, but he's playing "Cal Borland," Al's brother. [For anybear who might not be familiar with the show or Richard -- "Al" is on the right, "Cal" is on the left.]

Can we say, "BEAR SANDWICH," bruins and cubs? WOOOOOF! Unfortunately, from what I've heard, I think the reaction of both of them would be, "I don't think so, Furr..." -- but it's still nice to THINK about.