Some of you visiting here may already be aware I have been known to write some interesting fiction from time to time; if you're not, I do. Most of that fiction was published in the early days of BEAR magazine, and due mostly to procrastination on my part I haven't done much to get published again recently... with one exception that just went hideously wrong.

That exception is the book Tales From The Bear Cult, by Palm Drive Publishing. Their call for submissions asked for stories that had already been published in bear-oriented or bear-friendly magazines. My assumption (and as it turned out later, that of others as well) was that they intended a "low maintenance" book -- by asking for stories that had already been published, the worst part of the slush pile would already have been filtered out by the magazine editors, and very little editing work would need to be done.

Unfortunately, on release of the book, I discovered that all my stories had been substantially altered, one in a way that offended me deeply, as it ran totally counter to the idea the story was written around. In my public venting about this, I wound up getting in touch with many of the other writers whose work appeared in the book and all of them had found their stories had been significantly altered, and none of them were pleased about it.

Given that, I would ask that you avoid buying the book; skim it in a bookstore if you like, but please don't fund the kind of literary mugging it represents. Since my stories were altered in a way I find distasteful, I have decided to post the original versions here on my website.

The first two stories -- Hippie Hitcher and Mountain Grizzly suffered the least; I thought the changes made to them were pointless and rather crude, but nothing compared to what was done to Down 'N Dirty, which ironically seems to be the story most people seem to remember best from its original publication. Part of the idea of the story is that the protagonist "finds home" -- both literally in terms of a new place to live, and figuratively in terms of a group of men of like mind and tastes. The distorted version in the book, on the other hand, turns him into a jaded dilettante who has a wild weekend with bikers and then returns to his condo and white-collar job. I was actually nauseated by "their" perversion of my story.

I hope you enjoy these original versions of the stories, and perhaps I'll add more of the others I've written later, if people seem to like them. I'm aware that some of my work has shown up on other websites without my permission -- and all too often with someone else's NAME on it -- so I'm thinking that by posting my own work here I can make it clear that it is, in fact, MINE. I will be interested to see how people respond to these first three stories.