Yep, I'm a longhair, as you can see quite clearly if you've looked at the pictures of myself that I've put up here on my web site. The illustration to the left was done by the late Bill Ward for a club I used to belong to called BROS for gay men who choose to wear their hair long.

There's also some neat information about being a longhair available on the web, and probably the best collection of it is available through Dognut's page, which among other things includes a gallery of likeminded longhairs and a biblical justification for men to wear their hair long, which might come in useful the next time some redneck bible-thumper type tells you your long hair makes you look like "a girl." *GRIN*

Robin Walden does great drawings of men; usually longhaired, always with facial hair and frequently furry, WaldenWorks are well worth a look... of course, I'm biased -- he's a friend of mine, and I designed the website. ;) As for myself, I didn't really start out with the intention to become a longhaired guy; I would occasionally look in the mirror and think, "oh, maybe I should get a haircut," and then something would come up and it wouldn't happen. After this had gone through a number of cycles I just gave up and decided to see just how long my hair would get; the length it's at in the photo of me available on this site seems to be the maximum length I'm able to grow. The worst part of growing it out was when it was long enough to get in the way, but not long enough to put back in a ponytail or braid.

As for maintenance, I tend to think it's a lot lower maintenance than shorter hair; for one thing, NO HAIRCUTS! And at least in my case, since I always washed my hair every day even when it was short, that's not a much greater task now than it was then... and now, I don't have to mess about with blow-drying it, combing and brushing to get it to look right... I just let it dry naturally, then brush it out a bit later. This sort of thing appeals to the Lazy Bear in me.