There's really not a heck of a lot I can say about this man; I kind of came in on the middle of the episode. An acquaintance of mine checked his copy of this particular episode of COPS and found that this woofy stud is Sheriff's Deputy Lane Sawyer.

The only thing I can tell you is that at the time he made his appearance on COPS, he was working for the narcotics squad of the Multnomah County, Oregon Sheriff's Department. Kind of a let-down, really; while I'd be more than glad to let this stud-bear write me a traffic ticket, I don't think a drug-related arrest would be worth the chance to get a look at him up close.

Do take note that I've been very careful to put my "Furr TV" logo over the face of the really hideous perp they're dealing with, so as to insure that your enjoyment of this unusually handsome policebear is undiluted.