Mountain Grizzly
by Furr
Originally published in issue #119 of Drummer

One of the things I like about the Pacific Northwest is that no matter what city you live in, even if it's the size of Portland or Seattle, the woods and mountains are never very far away. People sometimes make fun of the region for all the rain we get, but it's that rain that helps keep everything so lush and green most of the year, even through most of the summer.

Another advantage of the region is the men. All those dense forests draw lots of loggers and other hunky men to work them; unfortunately for most of the citybound, the hottest of them mostly stay in the woods where they work, as I found out.

Unlike a lot of my gay friends for whom the only thing to do on the weekends is to hang out in smoky bars hunting for tricks (which I enjoy on occasion myself, don't get me wrong,) I like to go out for day hikes in the woods, and sometimes even take Monday or Friday off so I can take a short camping trip. Maybe it's because I was born in the Redwoods on the north coast of California, but I don't think there's anything quite as restful and pleasant as being out in the woods.

This particular weekend, the weather forecasters were off by more than usual. They had predicted a sunny, warm weekend -- perfect for a trip to the woods, so I left work at lunchtime on Friday. In accordance with the weather forecast, I left most of my heavy-duty rain gear at home, and rather than go someplace relatively familiar, I decided to scout out a new area one of my bushwhacker friends had mentioned was very pretty.

He was right; the little valley was lush and untouched; since it was Forestry Service land and hard to get to, it had apparently never been logged, though it was rather near other tracts that were being logged. I prowled around in the woods a bit with my shirt off, enjoying the sun dappling through the trees onto my furry torso. Being as furry as I am, and bearded, I'm frequently referred to as a "Bear." I certainly felt like one out padding around in the woods.

I found myself a spot to pitch my light tent near a stream as the sun began to set. I was in my sleeping bag just beginning to drift off to sleep when the storm moved in. Just heavy rains at first, then wind. I suddenly realized that with the violence of the rain, right next to a stream was the last place I wanted to be. I was hurriedly getting dressed when a branch broke loose and ripped open my tent, fortunately missing me by a hair's breadth. "There goes keeping dry" I thought. I quickly stuffed as much as I could in my pack, and draped my sleeping bag over me, both to help shed the water and to help keep me warm.

I was wise to move; the stream was swelling rapidly with the heavy rain. I had just moved to some slightly higher ground when I realized I had no way to find my way back to my car; I had come in the daytime, and while I had taken compass readings so I wouldn't get lost, I didn't have a light by which to read my compass. The clouds were heavy, and blocked the light of the moon that might otherwise have enabled me to see the contours of the land enough for my sense of direction to take over.

I recalled a fairly sheltered spot near the top of the ridge I had crossed to enter the valley; if nothing else, it would get me away from the stream and all the running water. It might also give me enough of a view to help me navigate, even as dark as it was.

I slogged uphill slowly, the muddy hillside making it tough going, but I finally made it. My nylon shell sleeping bag was helping keep the cold rain off, but it was slowly soaking through even with the remains of my tent wrapped over it, and would soon be useless to me.

As I stood on the top of the ridge, I scanned the dark night for location cues; I could see nothing -- it was too dark. I had some idea which way to go, but without a better view, I would probably wind up actually lost. Just as I was trying to find the rock overhang I had seen earlier, I thought I saw a spark of light somewhere deep in the forest. I turned toward it, and looked more carefully; it WAS there! I quickly started off toward it.

I was nearly on top of it before I of it before I could tell where the light was coming from. It was an actual log cabin, tucked in a small clearing; the light came from one of the windows. Without hesitation I went over to the door and knocked.

The door was quickly opened, and I launched into my tale without really looking at who had opened the door. "Excuse me; I was camping in the valley just west of here when the storm started; my tent was ruined by a falling branch, and it's too dark for me to find my way back through the forest to my car..."

"Git in; you're prob'ly half froze!" interrupted a warm rumble from the cabin. I quickly scuttled in, dropping my sodden sleeping bag outside the door. "You ain't dressed for this weather, that's sure. You a tourist?"

"No, I've lived in Seattle for twelve years now, and I camp out a lot; it's just that I made the dumb mistake of believing the weather service when they said it would be clear all weekend." I grinned wryly and looked up for the first time at my host. The kerosene lamp on the table was behind him, so all I could see was that he was BIG; 6'6 at the least; a thick fringe of beard on either side of his face was highlighted by the lamp's glow, but that's really all I could see. I suddenly realized I was beginning to shiver uncontrollably.

"Was kinda silly. But you're shiverin' somethin' awful; we better get you warmed up. You best git them wet clothes off."

Never having been particularly modest about my body, I sat down on a chair and quickly started stripping. By the time I was finished, the shivering had gotten so bad I could hardly walk. Some part of my mind realized that I had been supressing the reaction until now; now that I was safe, it was surfacing. I was picked up, slipped under a thick, warm comforter and felt my host's big warm body slip in beside my cold, tired one and a strong, hairy arm pull me close just before I slipped into a deep sleep.

I awoke the next morning with the sun in my eyes; the storm had cleared. I turned over in bed to find my benefactor lying there watching me. "Wondered when you were gonna wake up! Guess you're entitled to sleep after a night like that, though." I was speechless. I had noticed last night that he was big and bearded, but I'd not been able to notice anything else, between the dim light and my cold-dulled mind. Now, he was lying nearby in a patch of bright sunlight not a foot away.

Bearded; definitely. His beard came down to just below the collarbone, and was equally long and thick on the sides, so except for the color it made him look like the man who played "Grizzly Adams" on TV. His hair was moderately long, curling around the nape of his neck and the tops of his shoulders. All of it was jet black, shot through with strands of pure silver, with denser silver at his temples and chin; a real Grizzly Bear! He was wearing a white union suit that had noticeable sweat marks on it, and the top buttons were open enough for me to see a chestful of that same mostly-black silver-accented fur.

He smelled strongly of sweet, spicy manmusk -- by far my favorite scent. He must have noticed my sniffing, because he jumped up guiltily and sat down across the room. "Sorry 'bout that. Out here in the woods all by m'self, it's such a bother to bathe I don't do it as often as most city folk do, I guess. Didn't mean for you to wake up to smelly ol' me."

I found my tongue. "Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all -- I think all the perfumes and garbage most 'city folk' wear are a lot more objectionable than the way a person smells naturally."

"Well, but I'm awful strong that way. I shouldn'ta been so close anyway."

I sat up slowly on the edge of the bed; I still felt rather weak. "Come over here, will you?" He did as I asked. I grabbed one of his beefy arms and pulled myself to my feet. I swiftly raised one of his arms and took a deep, loving sniff. I could feel myself starting to get a hardon. "NOW will you believe it doesn't bother me??"

"I guess I do" he said after a minute. "But it ain't your sniffin' me like you did that convinced me; it's this!" His voice grew husky towards the end of his words, and to illustrate his point he grabbed my now rock hard cock in a big, calloused hand.

He looked deeply into my eyes and moved his face slowly closer to mine. I met him midway with my lips parted as our mouths gently touched. His tongue tentatively slipped out a bit to touch my lips; I caught it and gently drew it deeper into my mouth. His other arm slipped around my shoulders as I began to gently suck on his tongue and tease it with my own.

He eased me back down onto the bed as he slowly stripped out of his union suit, revealing a husky, well-built rock solid body layered with work-built muscles and thickly carpeted with heavy fur. His cock was hard too, and a beauty -- about average in length, but thick through the head, and growing wider all the way down. Fully hard as he was, his foreskin still covered most of his cockhead, with just the tip peeking out of the fold of skin. His balls were big lowhangers in a thickly furred ballsack. I caught a whiff of the slightly sharper scent of ballsweat and headcheese as he pushed me back down on the bed and covered me with his body.

Even though he was bearing most of his weight on his arms and legs, I felt his muscular bulk pressing down on me; my entire body tingled from rubbing against his furry skin. His thick moustache brushed my face as he slowly teased my tongue out of my mouth and into his. I could feel him moving slightly as he slowly, gently rubbed his hard cock against my hairy gut, plastering the hairs down with gobs of clear precum.

"Oh baby Bear, it's been so long" he whispered as he hugged me convulsively to his thick chest. "Just lay back there and let me love you... let me make you feel good."

I kissed him gently again, then started nibbling on his chin; his head dropped back to give me better access, and he started a low rumbling growl in his throat; I could see that his beard swept down his throat seamlessly into the thick fur on his chest.

"Yes, baby Bear, your grizzly likes that..." I worked my way through his beard, sucked on his fur-hidden Adam's apple for a bit, then licked my way back up behind his ear.

I lay back and looked into his eyes. His long fingers stroked my short, neatly trimmed beard and long "cookie-duster" moustache; then trailed down my neck to stroke the dark fur covering my pecs, to gently fondle my ringed nipples.

"Daddy Bear, please... let me taste your cock, Grizzly Bear!"

He straddled my waist and slowly moved forward, plowing his precum-drizzling cock through my thick belly fur. He stopped with his knees in my armpits and his cock resting in the furry valley between my pecs. He then leaned forward until his hard cock was bobbing up and down with the beat of his heart less than an inch from my mouth.

I began to nurse on the bare tip of his cock while I slowly slipped my tongue into the depths of his foreskin, which I soon discovered were full of tangy, tasty headcheese. I eventually slipped his skin back and rubbed his cock across my 'stache so that I'd carry the scent of his cockcheese with me for a while; the sensation of my thick, soft moustache rubbing just behind the rim of his cockhead made him shudder and emit a deep rumble of pleasure.

I started sucking his cock again, slowly working my way down his shaft. Since the head of his cock was so damn wide, I couldn't swallow it and get all the way to the base, so I had to content myself with sucking on what I could, and taking a break now and again to work my way through the fur on his balls and give them a gentle sucking.

After a while of this, I began to grow tired again; not yet fully recovered, I guess. Grizzly pulled back a bit, then started rubbing his cock back and forth through the thick pelt between my pecs. Just before he drenched me from nose to nipples in wad after wad of thick loggercum, he was really thumping his meat into my chest, and I couldn't help but wonder what he'd be like with that fat rammer up my ass.

I drifted off as Grizzly rubbed his cum into my chest and beard, and woke up later to some delicious smells. He'd prepared a delicious late breakfast, and I ate like a starved wolf, each of us watching the other with a lecherous grin. After we ate, he came over and permitted me to lick the last traces of syrup from his moustache, and he cuddled me until I fell asleep again.

"Wake up, sleepyhead. Dinner's on!"

Instead of in bed, I ate at the table, still staring into Grizzly's eyes. After dinner, he insisted I lie back down rather than help him tidy up, and when he started caressing me like I was fragile glass, I got a little pissed.

"Look Grizzly -- I'm not gonna break! I was just cold and tired out from the other night. I feel a lot better now after all the good food and rest, so if you wanna get rowdy, be my guest! I like things a little rough, as a matter of fact."

He smiled at me. "Guess I wasn't sure yet if you were truly real. Guess so."

With that, he dove down under the covers and started tickling my balls. This quickly evolved into a wrestling match that pulled the bedclothes asunder and left us both dripping sweat and laughing. It didn't last long, as Grizzly had both power and mass on his side, and the whole thing soon ended with me face down on the bed and Grizzly sitting triumphant on my ass. It made an excellent nightcap, as we both fell asleep quickly as soon as the laughter wore off and we cooled down enough to be comfortable.

My first sensation the next morning was a couple of fingers playing with my asshole; that went away and I drifted back towards sleep, only to be jolted to full awakeness as Grizzly rammed every millimeter of his fat cock up my sleep-relaxed asshole and started fucking me fast and hard.


"You said you liked it rough; I'm findin' out whether that's true or not."

"Oh, SHIT!" Grizzly's hands were firmly clamped on my shoulders, his pulling in syncopation with the powerful thrusts from his thick tree-climbing logger's legs to ram his fuckrod up my asshole. I was fortunate in that he had lubed both of us up well beforehand, and my ass was relaxed when he first shoved his cock in. With those powerful arms holding me in place, I knew I would only go where he wanted me to, his superior strength having been amply demonstrated by the earlier wrestling match.

It suddenly dawned on me that I really didn't want to get loose.... That thumping prick had started to feel really good up my butt, and it seemed that my body fit Grizzly's very well in this position, and even better as his hands slid down my arms to pin my wrists to the bed, and I could feel his sweaty, hairy chest rubbing up and down my back with each fast, powerful thrust.

I could hear him breathing heavily in my ear as he licked the back of my neck and nibbled my ears and the edges of my beard. Suddenly he growled "Damn, I wanna see what I'm fuckin'!"

Before I could really register the motion, his cock was out of my ass, I was flipped over, knees hooked over his furry shoulders, and he was back inside plowing me deep. This time, however, I could look into his eyes and watch his face as he fucked me.

"Ohh yeah, Cubby-hole, that's much better, yeah... I wanna watch your handsome fuckin' bearded face while I fuck hell out of your furry Bear butt!"

I was beyond coherent speech with his hot dick ramming up my ass, while my hard rod was being rubbed back and forth through his thick bellyfur. It wasn't long after he flipped me over before I moaned, grunted, and added a big load of my cum to the sweat lubricating our hairy chests as they ground together.

When the scent of my cum reached Grizzly's brain, he started fucking even harder (which I didn't think was possible, but he proved) and started mumbling in my ear again: "Yah, Cubby-hole... shot yer fuckin' cum between our hairy Bear chests, mixin' it up with all that tasty sweat... yah, baby Bear, yah, I'm gonna do the same, yeah... yeah... OOhhhh!!"

Just before he came, he pulled out of my battered rump and started grinding his cock into my sweaty pubes; his first wad splattered against the base of my neck, and the rest of his copious load was rapidly worked into the sweaty fur on our chests. He unhooked my legs from his shoulders and lay down on top of me; my hands rubbed the drying sweat into his furry back as our breathing returned to normal.

"Whatta fuck, eh Cub?" he said as he gently slipped his tongue into my mouth for a long, deep kiss. I was surprised at myself; a moment ago I was ready to rip the man's throat out for raping me; now, I was sorry he'd cum so quickly...

"Definitely!" I said, breaking the kiss. "But let's get some of this mess cleaned off before it dries and makes our fur itch!"

"Good idea, little Cub. Put on a pair of these slippers so the dry needles on the ground won't punch holes in your feet, and we'll go get cleaned up."

He let me out of the house into the warm morning sun, and out to a slatted wooden platform under a tank. Obviously this was his shower, and with the difficulty involved in filling the tank with passably warm water, I could understand why he showered so infrequently.

"Y'all just kneel down here, and we'll get ya cleaned off."

"Kneel?" I thought, but I followed his bidding. Several moments later I wasn't terribly surprised to have a stream of what was obviously hot piss hit me in the face. I quickly scrubbed the cum out of my beard, and sluiced off my chest, not knowing how long the "shower" would last. I finished before Grizzly did, and I just stayed there enjoying the warmth of the piss cascading over me.

"Always did love gettin' pissed on, Grizzly. Thanks for the shower!"

"MUCH less trouble than heatin' water and fillin' the regular shower. Your turn to do me, Cub. After I wash m'beard out, hit me at the top of my chest, OK?"

"Got ya."

It took me quite a while to get started, but Grizzly knelt there patiently until I did... and when I did, I zapped him right between the eyes! I quickly got the stream under control and watched raptly as he washed that long, black and silver beard, then that thickly furred, beautifully built body in my stream of light, golden piss.

I nearly jumped out of my slippers when the moment he finished washing, his head snapped forward and his mouth trapped the now semi-soft head of my dick. He immediately started gulping down my piss as fast as I could give it, and with an expression of sheer rapture on his face.

"First lesson, Cub: THAT'S what you're supposed to do with the extra!"

"Got it, Daddy Grizzly."

The rest of the day, much of the night, and Sunday morning was spent in cuddling, talking and discovering that our sexual tastes were extremely compatible. Among other things, I learned Grizzly's real name (which he hates violently, so I just call him Grizzly), and that although his simple speech pattern makes him sound uneducated, he possesses a degree in forest management -- which explains his job as a timber scout. (A timber scout is the man who decides where and how what trees will be cut.)

"I've gotta tell ya, Cub, it's been hard for me to get along out here, without a Cub for company. I've tried some of those gay bars -- nothin' I'd call man or Cub in any of 'em."

"You were in the wrong places... I know one where every Bear in the place would be drooling over you... and you'd like the scenery. Fur and beards all around. Tell you what, Daddy Bear; I can see right now that neither of us is going to give up their current living situation, however hot we are for each other. So, I'll spend my weekends out here with you -- as long as I can occasionally bring you to town and show you where the city Bears romp."

"Sounds like I've got a bright Cub on my hands; that'll also keep us hot for each other... it's easy to take something precious for granted if it becomes too familiar."

"True enough, Grizzly. Now, before I leave this evening, I want a taste of that sweaty ass of yours I've been smelling all weekend..."

"...and I want to show you what this thick 'stache of mine does to a Cub's cock!"

I laid back, and he settled his ass on my face before bending forward. I was rubbing my beard through the thick forest of sweaty assfur when I felt him take the tip of my dick in his mouth. I could feel his thick, soft moustache along the underside of my cockhead; I was rock-hard before he had worked his way down half an inch. That thick moustache working ever so slowly down the sensitive underside of my cock drove me crazy with lust and I was soon slurping away at Grizzly's tasty rump, working my tongue deep in his furry butt as he swallowed my cock and rubbed his 'stache against my balls.

My hands were rubbing through the fur on his back as he picked up speed in his cocksucking, and I tried to drive my tongue deeper into his hot, sweet asshole.

"Grizzly Bear, I'm gonna cum!"


Just before I shot, he pulled off my cock, wrapped his long beard around my pole, and stroked it maybe twice before I shot all over that moustache that had just been driving me wild. He sat up, driving my tongue deeper into him, and started jerking off.

"Yah, Cub, eat that butt... your Daddy Bear likes the smell of your Cub come all over his 'stache... Oooh, good... Someday when you're ready, Cub, I know this... yeah! ...clearing, we can put up that sling you've got... Ahhh... yeah, you can watch my hairy arm go up your furry butt, boybear! Yeah, Yeah, YEAH!!"

Grizzly's fantasy of breaking me in as a fist bottom (which was hotter in reality than as a fantasy... but that's another story) sent my beard across his sensitive asshole, my chin slightly stretching his sphincter, which set him off shooting his usual enormous load across my chest.

"Now, Cub" he said as he rubbed his load into my chestfur, "I want you to let that dry, and take the itch home for the rest of the evening as a reminder to get your hairy ass back to me next weekend!"

"Yes, Daddy!"

It was only a 45 minute drive back to the city, so I arrived in time for the end of the Sunday beer bust at my favorite "Bear Bar." When one of my friends saw my rather disheveled state, he said, "Shit, that storm Friday night must really have fucked up your camping!"

"No way! Best trip I've had in a long time!"

"Doesn't look like it to me... what made it so great?"

Scratching my plastered-down chest fur absently, I grinned wryly and said, "Oh, I got mauled by a Mountain Grizzly...."