Welcome to my web site! I hope the opening page didn't scare you too much, but I simply don't want to bother with the kind of people who'll whine when they discover my web site is different from what they're used to.

As for myself, the basics are that I'm 1.88m tall, weigh 110kg and have a long beard and long hair. I live in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Sprawl [G.L.A.M.S.], California in an astonishingly cluttered little apartment with my collections of books, magazines, videos, computers., etc... you could say I'm just a bit of a packrat. [GRIN!]

I used to work for Frontiers NewsMagazine, the Los Angeles area's foremost gay publication. Unfortunately, said publication decided some years ago to drop my favorite comic strip, Tim Barela's award-winning Leonard & Larry.

Among my other interests, I have some favorite beverages that I like -- whether with a cigar, or not.

As you might have guessed from the pictures of me above and the little rainbow bear pawprints all over this web site, I identify as a Bear. For those of you who might not know what that is -- while the "definition" of Bear is rather flexible, it suffices to say that in my case that it indicates I'm a furry, bearded gay man who likes the same sort of critter. I'm also a long-haired guy, which adds another dimension. I also have been known to write some one-handed fiction -- and am good enough at doing so that I've actually been published a number of times.

As you might have guessed from the Isaac Asimov quote illustrated in the image at the top of this page, I'm a Science Fiction fan. Whether it's in a novel, on television or in a movie -- I like all forms.

If you've gotten the idea that I like to go my own way in most things, you're right; and the computer I've chosen to use at home is an example of that. (Another good example is that I prefer to use Sony Betamax VCR's to VideoHomeSh*t models.) Another good spot on the Web for those with, shall we say, iconoclastic views *used* to be Blasphemy Net. I'm not sure why it disappeared, but I did manage to save some of the Top Ten lists that ran on that page.

Like so many web sites you see on the net, this one's still under development; I plan to add some more material covering other interests of mine as time permits, so please do keep checking back!

If you happen to have any comments, you can mail me your words 'o wisdom.

Blatant plug: I adore my web hosting company, DreamHost. If you use the button to the right to access their site and set up hosting with them, I get a referral bonus. You don't even have to use that link, as long as you remember to put in "furr" as your referral when you sign up. Their service is great, their prices are reasonable -- and among other things, they're a rarity in webhosting in that while they're not an overpriced "porn host," neither do they object to "adult" material. I think that sort of attitude is worth encouraging.