In my experience, there are lots of guys who think of Dan Haggerty as an archetypical Bear. This is how he appeared in an early '70s biker movie called "Bury Me An Angel"; the photo is from the Fur On Film site.

Dan Haggerty is probably best known for his role as Grizzly Adams, in the television series, "The Life And Times of Grizzly Adams" which was running on the "fX" cable network for a while, but has since been dropped, unfortunately. One thing you might try is going to Columbia House's website, click over to their "ReTV" section and fill out their survey, asking them to release the series as a videotape collection, since the episodes of this show have never been made available on home video. A follow-up TV movie -- "The Capture Of Grizzly Adams" is out on home video.

I mention the above movie for a couple of reasons; one of these is that it provides a kind of "closure" to the TV series. [For anyone who doesn't know, Grizzly Adams winds up out in the woods because he's been accused of a murder he didn't commit, but has been framed for by the man who did.] Another is that while Dan's got a surprisingly extensive filmography, many of the movies he's been in have been... well, I'l be charitable and call them "low-budget and [script|director|cast|&c.]-challenged." While I'd never say that Dan's a great actor, he's a lot better than he's generally credited with being, and "Capture" gives him a chance to prove that.

But even bad movies can be fun when you've got someone as woofy as Dan Haggerty to look at; this video grab is from what is arguably one of the worst movies he's ever done, a horror flick called "The Chilling." Click on the picture to hear what his character said to a female co-worker just before grinning like this...! [Okay, okay... the context is that she says she's thinking about dressing up as a security guard for Halloween.] If you're interested, I've got a possibly incomplete videography of Dan's work available for your perusal.

This is Dan as he appears in the movie "Cheyenne Warrior." Unfortunately for Dan Fans, he only appears in about the first half-hour of the film as the operator of a trading post.

Here's a look at Dan's appearance in the movie "Spirit of the Eagle," as explorer and mapper "Big Eli" McDonough. One can only wonder if the "Big" part came from that bulge in the front of those buckskin trousers...!

Aside from the wilderness epics, biker flicks and horror movies, Dan's made some "Action/Adventure" films, and "Chance" is one of them. In this movie, he's an ex-cop battling (unsuccessfully, as you see here) the bottle as he tries to solve a crime.... As you know if you've already visited my Beverage Page, I'm rather fond of Jack Daniel's -- and on top of that, this image gives us a nice close-up of Dan's moustache and chin fur. *GRIN*

Another of Dan's A/A movies is one called "Repo Jake" where he plays Jake Baxter, a man in need of fast money to save his business, and so winds up working as a repo man. In this picture, you can see one of the hazards of the job as he clings to the hood of a car he's trying to repo as the erstwhile owner is trying to shake him off.

In the second picture, you can see that Dan has ... um ... THINGS well in hand as he reposesses the car of even this large, surly ex-owner. Of all the ... less than stellar ... movies Dan's made, "Repo Jake" is probably one of the best of the lot, if only because it seems to have a sense of humor about itself that the others lack.

However, even Dan's worst movie pales into comparison with something he did only a couple of years ago. Yes, Dan Haggerty did an INFOMERCIAL. Even worse than that, it was an infomercial for a hair transplant clinic! While I have to admit that it was possible to see a thinning spot at the crown of Dan's head in a couple of his more recent movies -- presumably before he went the hair transplant route -- I never expected him to show up doing a "celebrity endorsement" of this kind of thing! At least he hasn't been convinced to dye the (IMNSHO) woofy grey he's getting in his beard! I include this mainly because while a fair number of Dan's fans have heard about this infamous infomercial, due to the fact it tended to run at hideous hours of the morning (cheap airtime rates, I guess), few have ever actually seen it.