CB Jereboam

Yep, I like my cigars. If you're interested, there's a (surprisingly) large amount of information available on cigars on the net that you can find via Yahoo! or whatever your favorite web-search engine might happen to be.

As for myself -- one of my favorite sources for cigars is a mail-order company called JR Cigar; their telephone number is an easy-to-remember "1-800-JR-CIGAR." But if you'd like to check 'em out on the web, you can have a look at the JR Cigar home page.

Just so you know; the cigar you see at the top of this page is a Casa Blanca Jereboam; this cigar is 10" long by 66RG -- where "RG" stands for "Ring Gauge". One RG is equal to 1/64" -- so a Jerry is over an inch in diameter. For myself, it's just a wee bit too big as an every day cigar, though I do enjoy them for special occasions.

The cigar at the bottom is a Hoyo de Monterrey Executive, which is a little more petite at 7" by 54RG. I'm also fond of Casa Blanca Magnums, which are 7"x60RG, the JR Ultimate #1 at 7.25"x54RG, and the Punch Chateau L at 7.25"x52RG. I prefer all of the above in dark wrappers -- Maduro at least, Double Maduro when available.

HdM Executive