Brian Blessed is a well-known British actor, whom I've never seen without a bushy, full beard. The picture above is taken from a "MacGyver" TV movie where he played an archaeologist who insists he's found the key to the treasures of lost Atlantis.

Brian's good at roles like this, because aside from his imposing presence, he's got a big, booming, powerful voice and isn't shy about using it.

Perhaps one explanation for Brian's powerful voice is his big mouth. [GRIN] These two pictures were taken from the 1984 film Flash Gordon, in which he played Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen. He had plenty of chances to bellow in this one, as well as to wear a rather ornate yet skimpy costume.

I include this final image so you can see what he looked like as Vultan when his mouth was closed, as well as to illustrate that Flash Gordon actually had a fair number of bearded men in it. Topol played Dr. Hans Zarkov, Ted Carroll (pictured above to the left of Brian/Vultan) played Biro, Vultan's right-hand(wing?)-man, and there were any number of other bearded characters, from Ming the Merciless' pilot to an Arborian priest.