There are three beverages that I'm especially fond of.

The first is, of course, Coca-Cola. Introduced to this delicious soda as a child, I have to admit having gone through some trauma during the misguided "New Coke" period, and regaining confidence with the return of "Classic Coke." Of course, it did taste better when they used real cane sugar instead of that "high fructose corn sweetener."

Oh, one more thing -- for some reason (at least to my taste buds) no one's ever managed to create a palatable DIET cola... or root beer, for that matter. Odd.

The Beer That's Creating Quite A BUZZ!

Oregon Honey Beer
Portland Brewing is without a doubt one of the finest microbreweries going; Oregon Honey Beer -- my favorite -- is only one of their masterpiece brews. For those of you who might not know this, Portland Oregon is to microbrew beers what Seattle Washington is to fancy coffee drinks. [GRIN!] Check out Portland Brewing's web page:

PDX Brewing

While we're on the subject, you might want to check out the NorthWest Brew Page for more information on some of the other fine microbrewers in the Pacific Northwest area.

Shot of JD
And, when I want something a little stronger than beer... we're talking Jack Daniel's! I'm a bit of a purist -- no ice, no mixers: I want my JD straight up, the way sippin' whiskey's supposed to be drunk! Click the speaker icon if you want to pour yourself one!