I'm a bear. Furry, bearded gay men definitely get my attention! If you're interested in Bears, you should check out the Resources For Bears web page, which has all sorts of links of interest to furry folk.

Obviously I'm not the only one into beards, since there's a number of excellent websites I'm aware of devoted to this subject -- Beardguy's All About Beards page, just as an example.

I also spend quite a bit of time hanging out on IRC and reading the Bear's Mailing List.

I've also been known to show up at some of the events thrown by Bears LA here in the Los Angeles area, and to travel up to San Francisco for Bear Rendezvous.

And at risk of being immodest, I've had some of my erotic fiction published in such magazines as Drummer and BEAR.

Of course, the definition of "Bear" as it applies to the two-leggedy kind that might be browsing this web page -- as opposed to the four-leggedy kind more likely to be browsing a berry bush out in the woods -- tends to vary from person to person, I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate my take on this with pix of some of my favorite bears.

While Dan Haggerty is probably my favorite "celeBEARity," there are plenty of others: Brian Blessed, Richard Karn, Robin Williams (who should be prohibited by law from going beardless!), all of the C/W group Confederate Railroad, Ed Bradley from "60 Minutes," Sean Connery (who seems to just get BETTER looking as he ages!), and lots, lots more.

Of course, there are plenty of hot lookin' furry critters out there who might not qualify as a "celebrity," and I don't want to leave them out. One of the hairiest men I've ever seen is pro wrestler "Dirty Dutch" Mantel; not only does he have long hair, a beard and a huge handlebar moustache, his body fur is some of the thickest and longest I've ever seen. I suppose that George Buza falls into this sort of category too, as he's an actor all but unknown in the USA....

I've never been one of those guys who really gets into uniforms in general or police in particular, but I have to admit I felt VERY lucky to have the proper tape in the VCR one day while watching the show "COPS." This hot Sheriff Bear is well worth lookin' at!

Just so no one can say all the pix of hot bears are on links off my main Bears page, here's a framegrab of a couple of guys who went on the David Letterman show, and flexed their (FURRY!) pectorals to the tune "Duelling Banjos." I have to admit, as much as I loathe Letterman, seeing these two guys was well worth enduring him up to the point of their appearance. [I switched channels as soon as they left the stage, needless to say.]