Top Ten Pickup Lines God Used on Mary

10. Hi, I'm God. 

 9. You'd be the envy of all Bethlehem!

 8. Grab your ankles, bitch!

 7. Really!, I heard that the consent age law is 14 in this state...
    (just think in about 2000 years everyone is gonna think that this
    is pedophilia)

 6. My sexual expertise is backed up by a 100% hymen-back guarantee!

 5. My balls are made of brass..or steel..or iron or whatever the hell
    I want them to be!

 4. I fuck like a god, you know.

 3. You can't get pregnant the first time.

 2. Oh, you'll go down on the mailman but God Almighty just gets a
    hand job?

 1. You're kidding?! You're marrying a carpenter and you've never
    been nailed? Have I got a surprise for you!