Top Ten Rejected Ad Slogans for Christianity

10. "Got Jesus?" --- Accompanied by pictures of various celebrities
    nailed to crosses.

 9. "Free Bread and Wine on Sunday" (failed attempt to appeal to the
    homeless when it was realized they have no money to contribute)

 8. Christianity - Guaranteed Life After Death or Your Money Back. 

 7. Is Your Life Too Much Fun?  Join Us Now or Suffer Painful Eternal
    Damnation in Hell.

 6. Hitler Was a...
    Dahmer Was a...
    Wouldn't Ya Like Ta Be a Christian Too!

 5. Why blame your failures on yourself?

 4. Christianity - Supporters of genocide since AD 100

 3. Make the RIGHT Religious Choice...or We Will Make it for You

 2. Christianity - Leave your Thinking (and your assets) to Us!

 1. Jesus is Coming...Are You Ready to Swallow?