Top Ten Stupid GoD Tricks

10. Creating a race of sinful egocentric beings to worship you.

 9. Instilling fear in the hearts of unbelievers by creating Hell.

 8. Choosing only SPECIAL individuals (like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker,
    Oral Roberts) to spread the words you give them.

 7. Carefully selecting an old, bald Pollock to be your
    Holy Emissary on Earth.

 6. Allowing "evil" and "immorality" to run rampant through society.

 5. Allowing the birth of JGriggs,  thereby allowing the creation and
    existence of Blasphemy Net.

 4. Killing your own son.

 3. Making masturbation a sin!

 2. Creation NOT Evolution ('nuff said)

 1. Writing a best-selling fantasy novel and getting some nutty fans
    to believe it is true.