Top Ten Worst Things to Say to the Pope

10. "Let me get this straight....You actually BELIEVE in that
     crock-'O-shit Bible thing?  

 9. "What's your e-mail address?"

 8. "Hey Holy Boy! I betcha didn't know that catechism rhymes with jizm."

 7. "Which way to the rally, Grand Wizard?"

 6. "You know, all you guys living here alone looks mighty suspicious."

 5. "Listen here Sir Pope John Two, you suck!"

 4. "When's the next crusade?"

 3. "I swear to god that you look just like this old dude I saw in this
     fucking porno, man!"

 2. "If you are the holy emmisary of God, why do you need a bullet-proof car?"

 1. "Garcia is God!!!"