Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus Died for Our Sins

10. Tired of being teased because his mother was a virgin

 9. Drank himself silly at the Last Supper, passed out, and when he woke,
    found himself nailed to a big piece of wood

 8. He had a Jesus complex

 7. Heard that they were writing a book about him, and wanted to give them
    a proper ending to the story.

 6. He couldn't perform a "miracle" and remove himself from the crucifix

 5. Knew he would be heading to the "Great Ganja Garden in the Sky"

 4. Martyrdom is fucking cool, man!

 3. What the hell else was there to do....its was 0 B.C. for Christ's
    sake! (or is that 0 A.D.?)

 2. Barney was out of town that weekend

 1. God told him to do it