Top Ten Things Overheard at The Last Supper

10. "Hey Jesus, pass the GODDAMN applesauce!"

 9. "Where's the shitter?"

 8. "Alright...who's the joker that pissed in the holy grail?"

 7. "WHOA! The colors...
     What kind of mushrooms did you say those were, Jesus?"

 6. "Eat hearty and fill thyself Lord, you've got a big day ahead of you."

 5. "Awwww gawd!  Not the wine into water trick again!

 4. "Now for dessert...BRING OUT THE WENCHES!

 3. "I need freeloading friends like you like I need holes in my hands"

 2. "Hey John!
     Looks like Mr. Christ got pretty blitzed BEFORE the banquet."

 1. "Oh shit!" ----- (Jesus upon opening his fortune cookie)"