Welcome to my Amiga page!

For those of you unfortunate enough not to know what an "Amiga" is, I'm not going to go into a lengthy description of the machine, its OS, etc. I'm simply going to point you at the Amiga News Network and suggest that you educate yourself. [GRIN]

Another wonderful resource for Amiga users, enthusiasts, and The Great Unwashed who are showing interest, is the:

Although he's no one "famous," one of my favorite commentators on the Amiga scene is Squid. He's got a great perspective on how the whole world of computing fits together, and on who the real enemies are.

I will go so far as to point out that if you watch TV or go to the movies, you've probably seen work done with Amigas.

The lovely lass below is Amy the Squirrel, as portrayed by popular Amiga artist Eric Schwartz. It's said that Amy has found the happiest part of her career in being associated with the Amiga, since it's nickname is "Amy" as well.

Eric has started a comic strip dealing with the trials and tribulations of Amigans on the 'net, called Sabrina Online. One piece of Eric's art that has become very popular among Amiga users is his piece entitled The Survivor.

What you see above is known as the "Boing! Ball" after the very first Amiga demo program, which showed just such a checkered ball (though much larger than this example) bouncing and rotating and making booming noises as it bounced. This sort of thing probably sounds rather simple at this point, but remember that when the Amiga was being developed -- it hit the market in 1985 -- this sort of thing was UNHEARD of. While the Boing! Ball didn't last as an "official" logo for the machine, it's been used unofficially ever since, and is one of the most immediately recognizable icons among Amiga users.

AWeb Now! IBrowse Now! Voyager Now!

As someone who uses neither a PeeCee nor a Mac, I'm a little annoyed by all the "Netscape Now" or "Best Viewed with Internet Exploder" buttons I see. So, here you may get information on AWeb, IBrowse or Voyager for the Amiga. ;-)


...The Insanity! Okay, okay, so Windows95 is an improvement over Windows 3.x -- of course, nearly anything WOULD have been an improvement; it STILL stinks on ice, at least to me. Having gotten used to an Amiga's multitasking, there really is no going back. I know there are probably W95 fans shrieking that it "does too" multitask; I suppose, in a rather limited and clumsy way, as long as you're not running any 16-bit apps, and so on and so forth. And while I find MacOS a lot less clumsy and better thought out generally, it doesn't multitask any better, and is going to have the same sort of "old non-multitasking apps / new multitasking apps" dichotomy when it does get to the point of having decent multitasking support in the OS. This sort of thing -- in addition to advantages like Commodities, Datatypes, and the fact the Amiga is just plain COOL is why I use one -- a 6 year old one, in fact -- in preference to any of this newer stuff.