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I find the increasing quantity of proprietary formats and tags being used on the web to be nauseating. The web was intended to be a broadly cross-platform medium, and the ongoing corruption of that ideal must be fought.

As an alternative to Internet Exploiter, may I suggest that you try Opera:

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Please note: there will doubtless be material of an adult nature beyond this point. If you're the kind of person who's easily offended -- or even if you're not -- and you go beyond this point and are horrified or pissed off -- that's your problem, not mine. You have been warned. I have no patience for the kind of cattle who think the "Communications Decency Act" or any other form of censorship is a good idea.

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Above you see "Deaddy Bear." He's the mascot of a rather unusual game software company called Accursed Toys, possibly best known for their game "Boppin'." I like Deaddy Bear; there's just something delightfully twisted about him, so that's why he's the entry button to the rest of my web site. You can click on the little speaker icon to hear the sound that accompanies his appearance on-screen at the start of an Accursed Toys program.

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